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très très très
A geometrical graphic manipulation show

Four object manipulators live by their objects and their movement.
Their social relationship is determined by the degree of their obsession, c
ausing phases of extreme individual meticulousness or shared graphical elation.

Object manipulation is a form of communication between the characters,
but also a way for them to escape from the others and isolate themselves.

Like a naturalist, the public can observe the characters' strange behaviour, their way of communicating,
their games, their desires, their graphical discussions, and discover
a new type of juggler in all his oddity and his humanity.

Mixing an impactful visual vocabulary with touches of self-deprication,
très très très questions the relationship between a juggler and his object, between a man and his obsessions.

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Authors: Pich (Nantes) ; André Hidalgo (Paris) ; Ryan Mellors (Vancouver-Canada) ; Okotanpe (Tokyo), Yorgos Serafeimidis (Athens) ; Joseph Viatte (St-Cergue- Switzerland).
performers / manipulators: Pich ; André Hidalgo ; Yorgos Serafeimidis ; Joseph Viatte
Artistic outside eyes - Dance and Juggling: Erik Åberg (Suède) ; Guillaume Martinet (Paris) ; Aragorn Boulanger (Paris)
Outside eyes: Camille Frébert (Paris) and Lukas Wiesner
Sound and musical original design: David Maillard(Nantes)
Lighting original design: Geoffrey Chereau (Paris)
Lighting and sound : Geoffrey Chereau or Laurane Germain (Fr)
Scenography: Piryokopi
Production and distribution: L'Asile ArtistiK

Supporters ans subsidies :
Conseil Général de l'Oise, Theater Jacques Prévert- Aulnay-sous-Bois (Fr), Association Trac - Festival Jonglissimo \u2013 Reims (Fr), The House of Juggling - Scène conventionnée La Courneuve (Fr), Espace Périphérique - La
Villette - Paris, Chevalet Theater - Scène Convenrtionnée Noyon (Fr), Le Palace Theater - Montataire (Fr), La Gare au Théâtre - Vitry-sur-Seine (Fr), Le Cirque du Soleil, l'Académie Fratellini (Fr), le 6B de Saint-Denis (Fr), Trio...S - Théâtre du Blavet à Inzinzac-Lochrist - Hennebont (Fr), Hub Events (Greece), Viayoga (Ch)


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